Practice Areas
  • Family Law

  • In Michigan, all family law issues are handled at the circuit court level. Depending on the stage of your case, your issues may be heard by a referee at the Friend of the Court or a Judge at the circuit court. While Michigan is a no fault state with regard to the reason for filing of a divorce or legal separation action, fault may play a role in the determination of custody, parenting time and property settlement. Even after a divorce or legal separation case has been finalized, issues of custody, parenting time and child support may be modified upon showing proper cause or a change of circumstances.

    Ms. Leimback has extensive experience representing clients in all family law matters. Whether you are already involved in a family law dispute or are contemplating the filing of an action, Ms. Leimback will consult with you and advise you on the most effective way to proceed with your case. Ms. Leimback will advocate on your behalf no matter what type of family law issue you have and is experienced in handling a myriad of family law issues, including but not limited to divorce, legal separation, annulments, paternity, child custody, child support and parenting time.

  • Criminal Defense

  • Any attorney who guarantees a certain result in a criminal matter is likely just trying to convince you to hire him or her. Each criminal case is unique and requires a thorough analysis of important factors that could lead to a dismissal, plea bargain or trial in your case. Ms. Leimback is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will fight for the best possible outcome in your criminal matter while remaining honest and up front without you about the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case against you. Ms. Leimback has represented clients in all stages of criminal proceedings, including arraignments, pretrials, preliminary exams, sentencings and trials, at a multitude of district and circuit courts in Southeast Michigan.

    Attorney Leimback understands that when you or a loved one is a defendant in a criminal proceeding, it can be a very frightening and intimidating experience. Below is a description to help you understand the basic process that courts follow when processing civil infractions, misdemeanors and felonies.

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